to the Registration Portal for Admission Tests
A.Y. 2020/2021

This portal allows users to register for the entrance tests to the following Degree Programms, based on the activation dates provided for each competition notice:

  • Single-cycle Degree Course in MEDICINE AND SURGERY IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE – IMD Programm

The registration procedure is divided into three required actions:

  1. Registration on the portal;
  2. Payment of the registration fee;
  3. Booking of the session, which must always be explicitly selected by the candidate.

To complete the registration for admission tests, each candidate must do the following:

  1. register on the portal;
  2. confirm the registration by clicking the link on the email;
  3. select the degree course for which you intend to participate;
  4. verify whether there are seats available for the exams, based on the active sessions for the selected Degree Programm;
  5. make payment of the registration fee for the test, specifically following the guided procedure on the portal;
  6. verify that you have received an email confirming payment;
  7. book your seat by choosing the date and the exam session in which you intend to participate, based on the availability of seats. In the event that all the seats for a session have been booked, the system will not allow a booking to be made and the candidate must necessarily choose another session from the ones that are still available;
  8. verify that you have received an email confirming your registration for the selected admission test. An email with further details and the official convocation will be sent you in the next few days.


The admission tests are held in one or more locations based on the competition notice.

The list of currently active locations can be viewed HERE

The registration and booking procedure will only be active on the dates indicated in the competition notice, without exception.


The admission test consists of multiple-choice questions where only one of the 5 options provided is the correct answer.

Each question will be evaluated by attributing:

  • one point (+1) for each correct answer;
  • zero points for each omitted answer;
  • minus one quarter point (-0.25) for each incorrect answer.


The rankings of each Competition will be published on the VITA-SALUTE University website.

Following the publication of the ranking, the portal for the online review of the test will be activated, where candidates can review their own tests and view details of the correct and incorrect answers.

Personal, confidential credentials for access to the portal will be provided at the exam location.