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The information contained in this document provide a helpful support to guide candidates through every STEP required for the correct use of the Surveillance and Working Platforms on which the exam will be carried out.


First, candidates have to make sure they have access to:

  • a PC (Windows 8 operating system, or later ones, or LINUX) or a MAC (MAC-OS 10.12, or later ones) equipped with a webcam and a microphone, it is mandatory to use GOOGLE CHROME (81.0, or later ones) as browser.
  • an Internet connection with minimum speed of 1 Mbps in upload and download.
  • a Smartphone or a tablet (Android v.4.1, or later ones – IOs v.8, or later ones) equipped with a cam. Download the Procto Exam App

ONLY after the deadline set by the Competition Notice for the enrolement to the exam, each candidate will receive the “Registration to the Exam Procedure” email (we recommend to candidates to also check their SPAM folder).

Following the instructions listed in the aforementioned email, candidates will have to:

  • download the Google Chrome browser plugin;
  • enable technical cookies (https://manual.ilmiotest.it/test_cookies.php)
  • connect to the Platform to verify the correct functioning of:
    • their PC speakers and microphone;
    • their internet access;
    • their webcam;
    • their screenshare feature.
  • open the ProctorExam App after having downloaded it on their smartphone (or tablet) and scan the QR-code shown on their PC screen, in order to check the correct functioning of the app.

Once candidates have completed all of these passages, they will receive a second email containing their convocation to the test, with the precise indication of the time frame within which they will have to be connected for the identification procedure, during which they will have to show their ID.

In addition to the information about the exam, in this email candidates will find indications to:

  • get familiar with the exam working platform connecting to a demo version via the provided link;
  • access their personal page on the online system for the consultation of the documents, that will become available after the publication of the results.

On the day of the exam candidates will have to click on the STEP 2 link strictly within the indicated time frame, and follow all the steps required for the identification process, to check the correct functioning of their devices, and to monitor the environment in which they will take the test.

If technical issues occur candidates can address the support service using the chat box located on the bottom right part of the screen. They can do it whenever they need to, from the process of verification of the requirements to the whole duration of the exam.


Candidates with disabilities, in accordance with Italian Law No. 104 of 5 February 1992, as well as candidates with temporary disabilities of any kind, must request the necessary aids, as well as any additional time needed to sit the test in relation to their disability. Candidates falling within the scope of application of Italian Law No. 170 of 8 October 2010, which containing New rules on specific learning disabilities in the school environment, may request facilitation provided by Ministerial Decree of the Ministry of Education, University and Research No. 5669 of 12 July 2011. It is also specified that candidates with diagnoses of specific learning disorders (DSA), as per Law No. 170/2010, must submit suitable certification issued no more than 3 years before, from the facilities of the Italian National Health Service or by specialists and facilities accredited by the same.

All requests, duly accompanied by appropriate medical certification, must be sent to the email address dsa.sd@unisr.it within the deadline for application for the exam indicated in each notice of competition.


It is specified that the exam platform records and saves every interaction and provides a timer that automatically restores the actual time, in any case of anomaly. Therefore, however improbable, any technical problems that may occur on individual computer workstations will be handled promptly by the technical assistance staff, who will always be present in the classroom. The candidate may continue the exam on his/her own workstation or, in case of failure to restore its correct functioning, on one of the available reserve workstations, without causing any penalisation for the usability of the test. Candidates are duly informed of the methods for dealing with such eventualities before the start of the test.

Only in the case where technical IT problems occur (for example, a failure of the network infrastructure) that prevent one or more candidates from the regular completion of the test, may a candidate attend an appropriate make-up session, intended exclusively for these affected candidates.

Any make-up session is dedicated solely to such cases indicated above and will only include candidates who attended the regular session correctly, and not those who were absent and did not take part, for whatever reason, in the session booked during registration.