1. How do I get to the Selexi Test Center by public transport?

    TURRO MM1 (Metro Red Line) is the closest underground station and it is a 600 m walk; alternatively, you can take the LINE 44 bus from the CASCINA GOBBA stop MM2 (Metro Green Line).

  2. Is there a parking spot near the Test Center?

    The Test Center does NOT have any dedicated parking spots, either free or paid. It is possible to park on the adjacent streets, but it is advisable to reach the venue by public transport.

  3. Is there any accommodation at the Test Center?

    There are two hotels located approximately 200 metres away from the Test Center, both enjoying an agreement with the Selexi Test Center:

  4. What time do I need to arrive at the exam site?

    It is advisable to avoid arriving at the Test Center too early; it is enough to arrive 30 minutes before the call time.

  5. What do I have to do when I arrive at the Test Center?

    Upon arrival at the exam site, candidates must wait on the ground floor until the start of the entry process. The persons in charge will communicate to the candidates at what time they will be allowed to enter the Test Center; entry will not be permitted for any reason until this time.

    N.B. For safety, public order and procedural reasons, all supporters MUST remain outside the Center.
  6. What do I need to bring for the initial identification?

    The identification phase only requires a photographic identification document to be presented. This must have been issued by an official State administrative body (Identity Card, Driving Licence, Passport). No other documentation is required.

  7. What am I allowed to take with me during the test?

    Upon entry, each candidate will be assigned a locker located inside the Test Center, where they may store their belongings (backpack, bag, phone, jacket, helmet and/or other items). Candidates are permitted to carry a pen and water to the exam workstations. Paper for notes and calculations will be provided exclusively by the University. Vending machines are available at the entrance to the Test Center, providing hot and cold drinks and snacks.

  8. Can I submit the exam before the end of the allotted time?

    Candidates who finish the exam before the allotted time has passed may close their test and will be escorted to the exit by the personnel in charge, after having retrieved their belongings from the locker.

  9. Can I use the toilets before the test?

    The Test Center has several toilets, both inside and outside. Candidates are allowed to use them before identification and after they have been taken to their workstation before the test begins. During the test, use of the toilets will only be allowed in emergency cases and under close supervision of the personnel in charge; under no circumstances will the time of the exam be suspended.