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  1. What do I need for the initial identification?

    The identification phase requires only the presentation of a photo ID, which must have been issued by a State Administration (ID card, driving licence, passport). No other document is required.

  2. What am I allowed to have with me during the test?

    You may enter the examination room with water and a pen. Paper for notes and calculations will be provided exclusively by the University. Personal belongings may be deposited at each location as instructed by the support staff.

  3. Can I submit the exam before the end?

    If you finish the examination before the end of the time limit, you can close your test and will be accompanied to the exit by the staff in charge.

  4. Can I use the toilets before the test?

    The examination centres have several toilets: you can go there either before identification or after being accompanied to your seat, before the test begins. During the test, the use of the toilets will only be allowed in emergencies and under the strict supervision of the staff in charge; under no circumstances may the time of the test be suspended.


  6. How do I reach the Selexi Test Center using public transport?

    TURRO MM1 (Metro Red Line) is the closest stop and is about 600 metres away on foot; alternatively, you can take the LINE 44 bus from the CASCINA GOBBA stop MM2 (Metro Green Line).

  7. Is there parking near the Test Center?

    The Test Center does NOT have any dedicated parking spaces, free or paid. It is possible to park on the adjacent streets, but it is advisable to travel to the facility by public transport

  8. Is there any accommodation at the Test Center?

    There are two hotels located approximately 200 metres from the facility, both affiliated with the Selexi Test Center: